Business Model

Brera Holdings PLC (Nasdaq: BREA) is focused on Multi Club Ownership ("MCO") and expanding its global portfolio of men's football and women's volleyball sports clubs with increased opportunities to earn tournament prizes, gain sponsorships, obtain transfer fees and provide other professional football- and sports-related consulting services.

The Company seeks to build on the legacy and brand of Brera FC, the first football club that was acquired by the Company in 2022. Brera FC is an amateur football association in Italy which has been building a football legacy since its founding in 2000. In March 2023, the Company expanded to Africa with the establishment of Brera Tchumene, a team admitted to the Second Division League in Mozambique, a country of nearly 32 million people. In April 2023, the Company acquired 90% of the European first division football team Fudbalski Klub Akademija Pandev in North Macedonia, a country with participation rights in two major Union of European Football Association ("UEFA") competitions. On July 31, 2023, the Company completed the acquisition of a majority ownership in the Italian Serie A1 women's professional volleyball team UYBA Volley S.s.d.a.r.l. The Company is focused on providing investors returns based on its unique value creation methodology with a focus on undervalued sports clubs internationally while being mindful of socially-impactful outcomes.

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