International Women's Volleyball


On July 5th, 2023 Brera announced the acquisition of a majority ownership stake in the Italian Serie A1 women’s professional volleyball team UYBA Volley S.s.d.a.r.l., based in Busto Arsizio, north of Milan (“UYBA” or “UYBA Volley”). The team currently plays in the Serie A1, Italy's highest professional league. Along with sponsorship opportunities the company intends to fully utilize UYBA’s E-Work Arena in the city of Busto Arsizio. Brera Holdings owns 51% of the share capital of UYBA Volley.

The Company plans to export the UYBA brand and know how internationally. The world’s best professional volleyball leagues consist of the top teams from across the globe. These teams are highly competitive and feature athletes of the highest caliber. The FIVB World League, the CEV Champions League, the Italian Serie A1, the German Bundesliga and the Japanese V-League are all examples of top volleyball leagues. Players in these leagues are highly skilled, and the level of competition is intense. Not only do these leagues provide a platform for players to show their talents, but they also offer viewers an exciting and thrilling experience.

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